Arsenal Stock Up - Loyalty Program
Spend only 9 AP to unlock the first tier!... Read More »
*SALE* 40% off - Shenah Package
Get Sniper Shenah, a permanent M40A5 & Python and many more!... Read More »
Infection Z is here!
Check out the new infected weapons!... Read More »
Clan Championship – Season 2
Important news about this season... Read More »
Content Update - 9th April
New features and maps are waiting for you!... Read More »
Please note: Cheating in the in-game Shop
Cheating in the in-game Shop, and why you should not do it...... Read More »
New category for permanent weapons in our Item Mall
Come and discover our selection of permanent weapons for each class... Read More »
Weekend Party Event - Easter Weekend
starts in 1 days
Special rewards await for this Easter weekend!... Read More »
Login Event - Airplane
starts in 17 hours
Play 1 Second on Radar and win Euros!... Read More »
Midweek Booster Event
ends in 50 minutes
Join us for a 50% Exp booster!... Read More »
Midweek Event on Gallery
ends in 17 hours
Play with us this Wednesday and win Euros!... Read More »

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